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How COVID created Coffee to Cocktails

Lisa has been singing all of her life; in a wedding band, small combos, as a church soloist, and also solo and group classical and operatic recitals in several Boston area venues. Jay was nothing more than a guitar wanna-be for decades. Together for 20 years, we rarely ever paired our talents; as of March 2020 we knew perhaps three songs we could perform together.

The onset of Covid-19 gave us lots of down time and our lives truly became one endless cycle of morning coffee to  evening cocktails.  We began rehearsing songs between the two beverage times. The name stuck.  We picked songs we liked in a number of genres (classical, pop, bluegrass, roots, oratorio), added some gizmos (vocal harmonizer, guitar effects pedal, looper, drum machine, mixer), then new instruments. Lisa took up the guitar again after a 30 year layoff and Jay learned enough harmonica and mandolin to play them live.

Coffee to Cocktails plays a wide variety of musical genres and we add new songs all the time.

Lisa and Jay of Coffee to Coctails
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